We Deliver with GRUBHUB.COM

CinnaMom delivers locally through GrubHub. Just go to Grubhub.com, find CinnaMom and place your order. GrubHub will deliver to your door or, if you prefer to pick up, GrubHub now has an option where you can place your order with them and pick it up yourself!

If you want to place an order ahead of time (large or small) to have it ready and waiting for you to pick up, you can call 810-866-4342 to place your order. You can even place large orders such as wedding orders, baby shower orders, etc. months ahead and they will be prepared and waiting on the date you designate. All orders prepared ahead of time are prepaid. No exceptions.

If you have a large order, alternatively, feel free to email cinn_a_mom@yahoo.com and list the type of rolls, number of rolls, topping varieties, etc. and the day you want them ready. We will email you an invoice that you can pay with a credit card and your order will be activated. You will receive an automated emailed receipt.